According to a report by Apricorn, more than half of companies lose data because of insufficient backups.

According to the Security Report 2021 data, up to 87% of companies have suffered an attack attempt on a known vulnerability.

Does your company not make backups?
These are the main risks you are exposing yourself to

1. Loss of customers

When corporate data is lost, the first consequence is the impact it has on customers. It will require time and resources to return to recover them.

2. Legal issues

The Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulates that all companies must companies that do not make backups on a regular basis and in accordance with the regulations may be penalised.

3. Economic costs

The economic damage caused by data loss is directly related to the services that are needed for its recovery. If your company does not have a backup this process is extremely complex and it is not always possible to recover them. To these costs must be added the deprivation of productive capacity and the possible fines and penalties it may receive.

4. Temporary cessation

If your company loses essential customer data or files, you may be forced to to stop its activity with all the consequences that this entails.

5. Impact on image

An irreversible loss of data has an impact on the reputation of the brand, as it is put into credibility questioned of the company.

6. If something can fail, it will fail

Storage media such as hard disks or flash drives are elements susceptible to wear and tear and like any electronic component, they have a useful life. You can be sure that sooner or later, your data will be compromised.The main reason for this is either hacker attacks or a failure of the computer systems themselves.

Discover the end-to-end solution for your company's backups

Automated and personalised copies

Configure your backup as often as you wish.
You can choose between different types of copying: full, incremental or differential. Choose the periodicity: daily, weekly, monthly... you can even choose encrypt your backups to safeguard their confidentiality.

Automatic reporting

We will receive a report in case the backup produces an error.
We take care of monitor the reports returned by your backup. If something goes wrong, we will be able to take early action, in anticipation to irreversible problems in the future.

Remote intervention

We intervene in the event of any contingency.
We manage reports on the status of your backups that are issued on a daily basis. If we detect any anomaly we can intervene remotely (via TeamViewer®) to solve it and anticipate If you need to refer to your backup in the future and the backup has not been performed correctly, you may not be able to use it.

Your copies, wherever you are

We can make your copies on network drives, remote drives or even cloud drives.
The importance of choosing the right correct storage medium for its backups is critical for the effectiveness of it. NetroGuard is compatible with the following storage media local and remote.


We analyse the particularities of your company and advise you on how to implement your backup.
Because every company has its own particularitiesWith our NetroGuard service, we offer a consultancy to implement the backup in accordance with your business circumstances, by carrying out the implementation at physical and network level necessary for its correct deployment and operation.

No permanence

Activate and deactivate the service whenever you want.
If at some point you are going to interrupt the activity of your company for a holiday or simply want to stop backing up You can interrupt the service and reactivate it at any time.. No permanence or penalties.

Protect your business data for a lot less than you might think

Local storage

Price per physical office
60 From
  • Hard disks installed in your computer
  • Mechanical or SSD technology
  • Optional RAID configuration
  • We set up your backup server

NetroGuard Service

Price per physical office
10 Per month
  • All equipment in your office
  • Remote access in case of incident
  • Full monthly report
  • Backup configuration included

Cloud storage

The safest option
0,50 / GB space
  • Storage on external server
  • SSD hard disk technology
  • RAID 1 Redundancy
  • Availability 24/7/365 uptime 99.9%

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