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Do you know the benefits of custom software development?

Custom software development is one that has been designed from scratch and exclusively for a specific or general purpose. Every business has its particularities by their way of work and organiseto have a proprietary software tool to assist the management of the internal processes of the company and even to its link with their customers not only provides a greater productivity y quality of service but revalue its brand name thanks to this exclusivity that is not going to have its competition.

Netrotec has been implementing tailor-made software solutions for its customers for years in many formats: applications webapplications, applications of desk, mobiles and even applications hybrids.

The characteristics that must be considered in a customised software project are enormous: what objectives you want to achieve, in what environment you want to use it, sector of activity, number of users, etc. Our computer engineers can guide you and advise you in choosing the best architecture e infrastructure to turn your project into a reality for your business. 

Maximum personalisation

Your company software, fine-tuned to the highest level of detail.
Developing a customised application requires a very detailed level of personalisation and customisation to adapt to all the needs it demands. It is therefore a great option for businesses with very specific requirements.


Prevent attacks and vulnerabilities in your company's ICT systems.
Bespoke software is made individually and is not distributed on a mass scale. It is therefore less likely to fall victim to attacks by hackers on a massive scale. In addition, we place special emphasis on the digital security of our software when we develop it.


Compatibility with the organisation's existing ICT infrastructure.
The integration of the new software can have the level of compatibility with your existing digital business infrastructure that you desire, allowing any new elements to be easily integrated into your digital platform.

Training and support

We provide training and advice for your employees.
Having developed each of the functionalities of your software system allows us to orientate and adapt it to the needs and preferences of your organisation, so the level of attention, training and support is much higher than with general software.


Your software system can grow over time.
Having 100% control of the source code of your software system will allow future refactorings to be carried out to adapt it to new circumstances and needs at much lower costs than an implementation from scratch.


Exploit the full potential of having a unique tool in your business.
Acquiring a custom-designed software for your business will allow you to use new technologies to exploit possibilities with a tool that your competitors do not have, offering you a competitive advantage over the rest.

At Netrotec we apply agile software development methodologies to generate quality deliverables with a high degree of fidelity to customer requirements.

Agile software development cycle

1. Requirements planning and analysis

This is the most important process of the project. In it, all the functional and non-functional requirements that the system must fulfil are established. The information abstraction work that the IT engineer must apply at this point is critical in order to be able to transfer the correct information to the development team throughout the development of the project. Normally in this phase there are several iterations between the IT engineer and the client in order to obtain as much granularity of information as possible so as not to leave aspects with ambiguous interpretation.

2. Decomposition into
iterations or sprints

The IT project is decomposed into smaller, easier to implement tasks. This decomposition into smaller modules called iterations or sprints y must consider the integration of the artefacts generated in them to compose the software system as a unit, taking into account the importance of generate a deliverable at the end of them. The purpose of this decomposition is to provide the customer with an artefact in a short time, which will help to detect errors and improve the quality of the product at an early stage.

3. Execution of iterations

Each iteration of the project is made up of tasks to be carried out distributed among the members of the work team and with a total duration of not exceeding one calendar month. The iterations comprise not only the development, but also the evidence of the components developed both at the unit as of integration with already developed components. The end of each iteration should result in a deliverable product that will grow in functionality and fidelity as the iterations progress.

4. Delivery of the product
final and follow-up

The end of the project does not end with the delivery of the final artefact made up of all the deliverables of the iterations that have made up the project. Over a period of time the software may continue to evolve and adapt under arbitrary customer requirements or forced changes demanded by other elements such as the operating system or other software and hardware dependencies. The period of time from the first phase to the end of this maintenance and support date is known as the software life cycle.

We turn your ideas into reality

Don't adapt to the software, make the software adapt to you

Taking the step to implement a computer software in your company is a important decision and not to be taken lightly. A incorrect implementation in your organisation's ICT can have consequences disastrous.

At Netrotec we are specialists with extensive experience developing applications, both in-house and for third parties. We are delighted to get to know your idea and see how we can help you.

You can request information about our custom software development service for your business. Our development department will contact you to determine the best solution for your business.