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Integral management of your
IT infrastructure

Discover our IT SOLUTIONS for all types of business. At Netrotec you will find a wide range of services from maintenance y management of ICTs in your business. Dedicate yourself to your customers and its business and minimise the impact of the incidences related to its IT infrastructure.

We offer support services for both on-site as remote ad-hoc or by periodic plans to all types of businesses. With a time of reply y resolution extremely fast and efficient.

Do not hesitate to request information without obligation. Forget about IT problems and find out how we can help you grow your business.

Start building your digital presence now

Bring your business to the eyes of the world

Today almost all of them of businesses operate through Internet. Our potentials customers use the web search engines to find products and services. If your business is not on the Internetsimply put, your business does not exist in the market.

We design and develop the perfect website for your company and we help you to position it so that your brand go to in the eyes of the world. We develop all kinds of websites and online shops. Start to sell right now to everyone through Internet e increase your profits as I could never have imagined.

Ask for consultancy to our experts in web development and le we will help to find the right approach to positioning your business on the Internet in the best way. Your business can start to be seen by the whole world. for much less than you think.

The local trade festival can also be a
reality in your municipality

The system of dynamisation of the
trade that is causing
sensation throughout Spain

We are distributors of Consumption Voucher with the technology of Impronta Solutions and software Janto, the tool of most advanced ticketing on the market. We are a benchmark in the organisation of Bono Consumption with a success The campaigns held in the municipalities of Torrevieja, Rojales o Mutxamel.

Find out how to implement in your municipality the system of trade promotion which causes furore between consumers and businesses. A success unprecedented precedents in your municipality and a A sure hit with the experience of the largest distributor of Bono Consumo with more than 3 million euros moved in the province of Alicante in 2021 alone.

Tailor-made software solutions for your business

Tailor-made computer software

We develop customised software of all kinds. Applications mobiles, applications webapplications, applications of desk and solutions automated to cover specific needs of your business.

Our service is characterised by the use of latest technologies market leader in software development, our staff development highly qualified and the quality of our service.

We take care of for advice y accompany him throughout the development process up to the end-of-life of the developed product, offering support y guarantee along it for its comfort y peace of mind.

IT consultancy for professionals and companies

We accompany you on the road to digital transformation

Facing the challenge of digital transformation with your business can be a task complex y costly if not advised by the professionals suitable. Optimise your company's internal processes thanks to the new technologies is a process that all businesses must face if they are to maintain a level competitive in a market that is increasingly globalised y automated.

Our team of computer engineers can give you advice and guidance on how to carry out the adaptation of your company into a digital environment, whether it be centralised or distributed. Know the value of the datum in your business to develop strategies predictiveto guide decision making decisions y optimise the resources of your business.

If your company has not yet faced the challenge of digital transformation, find out how to Netrotec can guide you on the implementation of the new technologies in its business to boost it and improve its organisationincreasing the productivity and the quality of service to its customers.

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