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At Netrotec we are committed to a professional service, using technology to increase the productivity and organisation of our clients.

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Mission, vision and values


Provide public and private companies with digital resources to optimise their performance, simplifying people's interactivity with new technologies.


To democratise cutting-edge technologies in society, creating digital products and services that have a positive impact on society through a close, understandable and friendly approach.


Learning, initiative, improvement, social impact, integration, perseverance, empathy and proximity are the values that describe Netrotec as a company.

Do you want to work with us?

Would you like to work in a company with a young working environment, adapted to teleworking and committed to the well-being of its employees?

Are you a proactive person able to work in an environment where your ideas and initiatives are considered and you can even develop your personal projects with us?

Do you know how to programme and when faced with a problem are you able to come up with different solutions with your own ideas?

Do you believe that what we do in our work should be an extension of who we are?

If you have answered yes to all these questions, you are a good fit for our company. Leave us your CV and when we have a job opportunity for you we will contact you.

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Netrotec, a factory of ideas

If anything characterises us at Netrotec, it is our commitment to creativity and talent when it comes to developing solutions. We are passionate about finding original ways to provide service to our customers.

We are a benchmark company in Torrevieja as far as software solutions are concerned. Not only have we positioned ourselves as one of the most efficient IT companies in terms of response time and agility, but we also work with passion and support initiatives and proactivity in our work.

It is precisely from this creativity and imagination that our products and programmes are born. We analyse the market, our customers (and those who are not yet customers!) and we anticipate in order to give our customers what they really need. Thanks to this will and initiative, we have become specialists in various products that are new in the province of Alicante, such as the Bono Consumo. In addition, our extensive experience working with public administrations and local entities has allowed us to specialise in the field of dynamisation and digital transformation of companies and cities.

We are committed to continuing to grow and helping our clients to grow. We are openly committed to initiative, creativity, originality and imagination. We understand technology as a way to create what we imagine. Because enthusiasm and passion for your work are the way to obtain different results.

If we can imagine it, we can develop it!