Keep everything under control

Netromercados is a web platform oriented to municipalities that allows them to carry out an integral management of their public markets.

Main features:

  • Manage as many markets and stalls as you want.
  • Management of the merchants' cards and their respective licences.
  • Personalised inspection reports and decrees of forfeiture.
  • Internal communication gateway (email + WhatsApp optional).
  • Customisable interface and models with the corporate image of your organisation.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.
  • No additional application is necessary.
  • Developed in direct collaboration with local councils.

The perfect ecosystem for integration between street controllers and City Councils

With Netromercados your street controllers will be able to directly report any type of incident they detect in the market stalls and attach graphic evidence with date and time for subsequent review by authorised City Council staff.

Manage your markets in an agile and simple way, keeping an exhaustive control and traceability of the management of each reported incident until its final inclusion in an expiry report.

Developed in collaboration with municipalities

Because no one better than OUR CLIENTS can understand the real needs of a public market management software, at Netrotec we have developed Netromercados in cooperation with City councils to create a tailor-made solution y centred in the real needs.

Netromercados not only allows management simple, nimble y fast between controllers on the street and a City Council for the incident managementIt also makes it possible to easily produce a wide range of reports such as the permit cards of merchant, the inspection reports that controllers perform at street leveland the steps to be taken by the City Council workers in charge of issuing the expiry reportsThe Commission has also taken into account the findings of the previous inspection reports.

In addition, Netromercados ensures a integrity of information vs. manipulations accidental or malicious, which translates into a guarantee of transparency by its public body towards the merchants. 

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