During 2020 more than 26 million people bought on the Internet
generating a turnover of almost 60 billion euros.

National Observatory of Technology and Society - Online Shopping in Spain Report Ed. 2021

Quality web development with the
best CMS on the market

Thanks to the technology of the content management systems (CMS), your business can have a fully hosted website with a functional, professional y attractive at little time and with a lower investment than customised websites.

We have extensive experience working with the main CMSs on the market, such as WordPress. One of the most popular, widespread and widely used CMSs for millions of websites in the world, some of them from top-tier companies such as Microsoft®, Adobe®, CNN, Danone® or even the premium car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz®.

We also make custom modifications and refactorings to complement your website. Find out how your business can have a presence on the Internet in a way that is professional, attractive y adapted to all types of devices digital by much less than he imagines.

We accompany you at all times

Bring out the full potential of your website

At Netrotec we not only take care of from web developmentwe help you to scope its objectives with its presence on the Internet. From the very first moment we will analyse the particularities of your project and we will we will help with the image you want your website to project to your customers. customers.

Following the roll-out of its website we continue to work with your company with various services such as support, maintenance, security copies and even tools to improve the positioning and the visibility from your brand and your website.

Positioning of your
website in search engines

We optimise the contents of your website to improve your website's score in the search engine positioning of your website. We also help you to orchestrate campaigns of position marketing with the technology of Google® Ads.

Maintenance of your

Keep its website always on the brink, protected y updated with our maintenance service which includes security copies on an external server, updates and complements for added security and even minor changes of content.

Hosting plans for your website

We help you with the management and contracting from a hosting service provider to register the domain name for your company and create your e-mails. We take care of configuring your devices and everything you need for to start work.